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Hot Tub Dock Waiver

Hot Tub – Boat Dock / Launch – Marina Waivers

You Agree To These Waivers At The Time Of Booking Our Cabins


1. Please be alert and cautious when renting cabins that have Hot Tubs, Waterfront Access, Boat Docks, Shared Launches & Marinas. When renting one of these properties you do so at your own risk.

2. If you are the responsible person booking one of our properties it is Very Important that you make everyone in your group aware of our laws and rules for all parties concerned as you will be the one liable if something should arise.

3. Please forward a copy of your rental agreement~ One will be e-mail to you once your reservation is confirmed, to everyone in your group BEFORE you arrive.

4. If upon arrival there is something wrong or needs attention and you do not want to be blamed for something that your group did not do, it is most important that you call us when you arrive and report any problems. If you tell us at the end of your stay about a problem or damage that was not done by your group we will assume your group is still responsible and will be charged accordingly.

5. If any of our properties and/or items that are damaged or otherwise mistreated during your stay, you understand it is your responsibility to immediately contact Island Park Reservations.

We realize with larger groups there will be times when some guests are not aware if something has been damage by others in their group. When property is cleaned and inspected and if any damage or theft is found you will be contacted in a timely manner after your departure to discuss the situation.

6. Legal Responsibility: You understand that this agreement-waiver is incorporated into, and is a part of, the original lease agreement between Island Park Reservations and our Guests.

You agree with these terms when booking our properties. It is your responsibility to inform everyone in your group using the hot tub & docks of these rules and to ensure every person in your party abides by them.

*Guests will hold the Property Manager and Owners harmless from any liability suit arising from acts or omissions of the renters while occupying and after departure of the property.

Hot Tub Waiver

You Agree To These Waivers At The Time Of Booking Our Cabins


1. Hot tubs are clean and ready for your use before your arrival. Please call us immediately when you arrive if the hot tub needs attention. Please make sure to call us during your stay if hot tub needs to be serviced. We want you to have a great stay and want to accommodate you as best we can.

2. Proceed with caution: Winter months can be extremely careful because snow and ice could be around hot tub and you could slip and fall causing injury. Be very alert at all times when children are in and around the hot tub. Pregnant women and/or those under the influence of alcohol and/or other drugs shall use the hot tub at their own risk. No infants shall be allowed in the hot tub. Children sixteen (16) years of age and younger shall be accompanied by an adult while in the hot tub.

3. Hot tubs seat 6 guests: No more than this number of guests are allowed at any one time. Please no over loading with lots of children. Hot tub will almost for sure need to be drained because of the yellow color that usually appears. Splashing and water absorption with swim suits will cause water levels get to low and water can no longer flow into the filter area and damage will occur to the hot tub motors which can be very expensive for our guests to repair.

4. Rinse off before entry and shower after using the hot tub so hot tub will stay clean and so will you. We accept no responsibility if you end up with a rash or other chemical reactions. To use the hot tub you do so at your own risk.

5. Hot tub condition to be left in the same manner as it was found upon entry of the cabin. If hot tub needs to be drained, cleaned and refilled after your stay there will be a $100 charge to your credit card to get it ready for our next guests. Larger groups might want to plan on just paying this fee anyway when getting booked in unless they want to stress the whole time they are on vacation. The truth is kids love water and would live in water around the clock if we would let them. We mean this in the nicest way.

Boat Docks / Shared Launches & Marina’s Waiver

You Agree To These Waivers At The Time Of Booking Our Cabins


1. All children under the age of 18 will wear life vests.

2. All children under the age of 18 will be accompanied by an adult.

3. No running or horse play on or around the dock.

4. No food or beverage allowed on the dock; do not litter in the water.

5. Dock will be left in same condition at departure, as it was upon arrival.

6. Shared marina’s and launches: Please be courteous & respect others property.

7. Look around and pick up any trash you may see-help us keep our properties clean for all to enjoy.