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Owner Rental Agreement

Do you own a cabin or thinking about buying one?
Let us help you rent it out to generate income.

*Key lock box placed on cabin $50. If you have cabin photos please e-mail photos of your cabin to [email protected] or put on a disc. 3-Cabin keys are needed/Mail to: Island Park Reservations P.O. Box 256 Island Park Idaho 83429 along with a signed copy of this owner rental agreement.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: OWNER does hereby agree to the following terms and conditions pertaining to AGENT renting the above described PROPERTY as rental agent for OWNER to third parties.

1. OWNER shall be responsible to adequately insure PROPERTY with both casualty and liability insurance.

2. OWNER will provide to AGENT a schedule of all dates on which PROPERTY is not available to rent.

3. AGENT shall use their best efforts to rent PROPERTY to third parties, and shall not be responsible for any loss resulting from failure to obtain tenants for property.

4. Either party may terminate this agreement by making a phone call to the other party, however, such termination shall not affect or eliminate the obligation to rent PROPERTY for all existing reservations.

5. AGENT will be the owner’s sole representative for rental of PROPERTY. Owners can personally rent the property and turn the referrals over to us to handle all aspects of the booking at a reduced commission rate of 20%. If you are letting family and friends use your cabin just let us know and we will block out calendars for you, or you can log in at the owner portal and do it yourself. Let us know if we need to clean and/or inspect after your groups.

6. OWNER will be responsible for returning PROPERTY to a condition suitable to rent after each usage by OWNER unless other arrangements are made.

7. OWNER will provide PROPERTY with sufficient linens, towels, kitchen utensils, pots and pans, dishes and firewood if cabins only heat source is a wood stove or fireplace.

8. AGENT shall retain Thirty Percent (30%) of the gross amount of all rental receipts as payment for its services under this agreement.

The 30% commission includes: Advertising, collection and disbursement funds, taking reservations and handling cancellations and any emergencies that arise, scheduling of cleanings/inspections, scheduling of snow removal driveways, walkways and roofs, scheduling of an maintenance and or repairs to be done, time in handling guests/owners calls and calendar scheduling, check in and check outs, cabin inspections, owner monthly statements and checks sent out, 1099 mailings-etc. We are available for guests if they have any questions or problems needing attention during their stay, we are available 24 hours a day/7 days a week. Have you ever heard the saying you get what you pay for?? We guarantee you will like our service and if you are not satisfied just give us a call, it’s that simple.

AGENT shall also deduct from the rental receipts received any amounts necessary to reimburse AGENT for any out-of-pocket expenses incurred by AGENT for such things as the maintenance, snow removal, cleaning of property and any supplies that are included during guests stay. The remaining balance of the rental funds shall be provided to OWNER within fifteen (15) days of the last date of the month.

9. Cleaning fees will be included in the nightly rental rate so make sure when the nightly rate is set that it is set high enough to take care of this fee. Some owners if they live close enough will clean their cabins to save money. Our cleaning services go hand in hand with booking your rental property.

10. AGENT shall not be responsible for any loss, damage or injury to PROPERTY and AGENT shall not be responsible for loss resulting from failure to obtain tenants to rent PROPERTY.

11. PROPERTY shall be rented out for the sum of $_____________ per night/regular rate

$___________holiday rate/ ($25 to $50 more per night).

12. AGENT has permission to make minor repairs and maintenance to PROPERTY. Minor repairs/maintenance shall be executed by AGENT that does not exceed $_______ Owner will be notified if any problems occur. If owner cannot be reached and repair cannot wait then Island Park Reservations will use its best judgment to fix the problem and save the owner the most money possible.

13. AGENT as rental agent for OWNER Includes Accidental Damage Protection when booking any of our properties from _$750_ up to _$3000_ of any accidental damage that might occur during guests stay. Cabin will be inspected after guests depart at the time of cleaning the cabin.

*Selling Your Property*

This is to inform owners of their obligation to Island Park Reservations and its lodging guests in the event of your property sale.

1. Owner will inform Island Park Reservations of intent before listing property.

2. Owner will make known to buyers of all future bookings before selling the property.

3. Owner and new buyer will be responsible to honor all existing bookings that are in place at the time of selling the property.

4. Island Park Reservations will assist in trying to resolve any conflicting scheduling whenever possible. It is almost impossible to move guests that book in for summer dates as summer fills up pretty solid. Many guests have paid airfare as well as gas and cabin rental expenses, so if we have no where to put them we can end up with law suits.

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Who do we write the checks out to? 1099’s to business or personal? We need SS # or EIN #



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Island Park Reservations 208-558-9675
Owner Cheri Mund
3551 Yale Kilgore Road
P.O. Box 256
Island Park Idaho 83429

WEBSITE: /E-MAIL:[email protected]