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Owner Rental Agreement


Island Park Reservations Owner Rental Agreement

Do you own a cabin or thinking about buying one? 
Let us help you rent it out to generate income!


MANAGING OWNER (Primary contact person)



hereafter known as OWNER and Property Rental Manager, Island Park Reservations LLC, hereinafter known as AGENT agree:

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: OWNER does hereby agree to the following terms and conditions pertaining to AGENT renting the above described PROPERTY as rental agent for OWNER to third parties.

1. OWNER shall be responsible to adequately insure PROPERTY with both casualty and liability renters’ insurance. OWNER is strongly encouraged to carry a Landlord or a rental dwelling policy to add to your homeowner’s policy.

Fremont County asks that all nightly rentals obtain a transient business license. The license is issued annually through Island Park City or every two years through Fremont County. Depending on where the rental cabin is located will determine on which agency the license needs to be obtained from. It is the responsibility of the OWNER to apply and obtain this license and send a copy of it to the AGENT.

2. OWNER shall be responsible to have their well water tested, verified and provide proof that the water is drinkable. Private wells need to be tested in the spring and fall. Shared or community water wells need to be tested quarterly.

Please have water tests completed and turned into AGENT no later than May 15th. OWNER will need to schedule with AGENT to preform water test if OWNER is unable to do so. Appropriate charges will apply for testing water.

Water testing 2 x . ____________ (Please Initial) May-Oct.

3. Fremont County safety ordinance states; OWNERS will insure their property is equipped with updated smoke and CO2 detectors along with updated fire extinguishers on each level of the home. (All safety detectors & extinguishers have expiration dates so they need to be checked to ensure proper working order.) Hand rails need to be on the inside and outside stairways and decks need proper safety railings. All railings need to be checked every season to ensure they are safe for your guests. All electrical wires need to be in good condition and not frayed or exposed. Electrical outlets should not be overloaded.

4. OWNER will provide to AGENT a schedule of all dates on which PROPERTY is not available to rent.

5. AGENT shall use its best efforts to rent PROPERTY to third parties and shall not be responsible for any loss resulting from failure to obtain tenants for property.

6. Either party may terminate this agreement by making a phone call to the other party along with a written notice. HOWEVER, such termination shall not affect or eliminate the obligation to HONOR ALL existing reservations received by AGENT. Once notice is given by OWNER to AGENT, marketing of the property will cease and reservations will no longer be accepted. If this agreement is cancelled due to a sale of the property or any other reason within the first 12 months of sign up, a $750 cancellation fee will apply to cover initial advertising and set-up costs that may not otherwise be recoverable through generated revenue and commissions. If OWNER decides to not continue renting for whatever reason ALL bookings received by AGENT will still need to be honored. If OWNER neglects the current reservations, a fee up to $1,000 will be charged per reservation.

7. AGENT will be the owner’s sole representative for rental of PROPERTY. OWNER, family and personal friends will be allowed to use the PROPERTY at any time if no prior reservations by AGENT have been made for that requested time of use. If you are letting family and friends use your cabin just let us know and we will block out calendars for you or you may use our owner portal to block calendars on your own. Let us know if we need to clean and/or inspect after your families departure.

*OWNER assumes all liabilities associated with personal use of the PROPERTY by OWNER or OWNER’S personal guests. OWNER and OWNER’S personal guests agree to observe and abide by the standard check-in and check-out times unless prior arrangements have been made through the AGENT.

8. OWNER will be responsible for returning PROPERTY to a condition suitable to rent after each usage by OWNER unless other arrangements are made. Appropriate cleaning fees will be applied if OWNER decides to have AGENT clean after OWNER’S stay.

9. OWNER will provide PROPERTY with sufficient kitchen utensils, cookware such as pots and pans, dishes, glassware, dinning ware, 4 pillows per bed (Queen & King beds need 4 pillows and twin beds need to have 2), two blankets along with a quality comforter per bed.

*OWNER will be charged for the replacement of supplies or be requested to purchase additional supplies as needed. Having a locked closet or cupboard for extra supplies will insure that guests will not have access to said supplies.

10. OWNER will provide a bear proof trash container for their rental property. Bear cans can be purchased out right or rented for an extra fee. Garbage pick-up is twice a week during the busy summer season and once a week during the off season and winter time frame. AGENT will deduct garbage service fees from owners’ rental revenue.

11. AGENT shall retain Thirty Percent (30%) of the gross amount of all rental receipts as payment for its services under this agreement.

You are provided access to our software through our owner portal so when family and friends want to stay you can block out your calendar. Let us know if you want us to clean and inspect your cabin for you for an additional charge.

It’s that simple.

Agent will be responsible for: Web page creation on, Advertising on third party websites, full photo shoot/scan with a Matterport camera, collection and disbursement funds, taking reservations and handling cancellations.  Communicating with guests before, during and after their stay.

Services includes SCHEDULING of cleanings, snow removal for driveways, walkways and roofs, scheduling of maintenance and or repairs to be done (Maintenance work needing done will be charged to owners on the monthly statement), time in handling guests/owners calls and calendar scheduling, check in and check outs, cabin inspections, owner monthly statements and payment disbursements, year-end 1099’s and yearly breakouts.

Island Park Reservations will provide linens for each bed, bathroom towels, hand towels and wash cloths, kitchen rags, towels and hot pads. If your cabin has a hot tub we will provide specified spa towels.

12. AGENT shall also deduct from the rental receipts received any amounts necessary to reimburse AGENT for any out-of-pocket expenses incurred by AGENT for such things as the maintenance, snow removal, cleaning of property and any supplies needed. The remaining balance of the rental funds shall be provided to OWNER within fifteen (15) days of the last date of the previous month.

13. MANAGER is responsible for collected funds. OWNER will be responsible for paying the discussed amount for garbage pick-up or other services for rental property.

*Manager will be available for guests 24/7 if they have any questions or problems needing attention during their stay.

Hot tub servicing is included in the cleaning surcharge and is performed after each renter checks out. It includes; testing the water, administering chemicals and squirting out the filters.

Extra costs to owner would include;

Hot Tub complete drain, clean & refill-

Filter replacement- usually one or twice per year depending on use.

Chemical replacement- Owners will supply chemicals or be charged accordingly on replacements.

Mechanical repairs- If hot tub stops working or is having issues then our maintenance staff will try to fix the issue and owner will be notified and charged accordingly.

14. AGENT shall NOT be responsible for any loss, damage or injury to PROPERTY and AGENT shall not be responsible for loss resulting from failure to obtain tenants to rent PROPERTY.

15. PROPERTY shall be rented out for the sum of

$_____________ per night/standard

$____________   holiday rate

$_____________ Off season rates will vary.

(Please list lowest nightly rate you are willing to accept for off season.)

AGENT will work with OWNER to set all rental rates and terms. Due to a very competitive market, tourist fluctuations and demand, AGENT reserves the right to alter rates and terms to maximize the OWNERS rental income and occupancy percentage.

*Peak Summer Season Rates start two weeks prior to Memorial Day weekend and end September 30th.

*Off Season Rates start Oct 1st through mid December, starting again March 1st until two weeks prior to Memorial Day weekend. All holidays are excluded from Off Season Rates.

*Holidays observed are: President’s weekend, Memorial weekend, July 4th, Labor Day weekend, Thanksgiving (Wednesday through Sunday), and Christmas to New Year’s Day. (Usually starting 12/23 through 1/3)

16. AGENT has permission to make minor repairs and maintenance to PROPERTY up to $500.  AGENT will contact the owner in a timely manner about issues that may arise at the property.   Minor repairs / maintenance shall be executed by AGENT.

If OWNER cannot be reached and repair cannot wait, then Island Park Reservations will use its best judgment to fix the problem and save the OWNER the most amount of money possible. In the event maintenance and repairs are necessary during the months when no rental revenue is received, OWNER’S will be billed directly for such incurred expenses.

17. Island Park Reservations as rental AGENT for OWNER includes Accidental Damage Protection when booking any of our properties up to $3,000.00 of any accidental damage that might occur during guests stay. AGENT will inspect cabin after guest’s departure at the time of cleaning the PROPERTY. Guests credit card will remain on file in case damage is over $3,000.00.

* One time set up fees: Key lock box installed on your cabin $50 (unless you already have a key box or digital door handle.)

* 3-Cabin keys are needed.

You can bring keys personally to our office at

3551 Yale Kilgore Rd.  Island Park Idaho 83429

or Mail To:

Island Park Reservations P.O. Box 256 Island Park Idaho 83429

18. SALE OF YOUR PROPERTY- This is to inform owners of their obligation to Island Park Reservations and our guests in the event of your property sale.

*A. Owner will inform Island Park Reservations of intent before listing property.

*B. Owner will make known to buyers of all future bookings before selling the property.

*C. Owner and new buyer will be responsible to honor all existing bookings that are in place at the time of selling the property.

*D. Island Park Reservations will assist in trying to resolve any conflicting scheduling whenever possible. Moving guests to a different property is not an option and will need to be honored as per this agreement.



CABIN NAME: ___________________________________________

CABIN ADDRESS: ________________________________________

SUBDIVISION: ___________________________________________

CABIN SIZE- SQ FT: ______________________________________

# of Bedrooms: ____________      # of Bathrooms: __________






SATELLITE-________________________       INTERNET-_______________________

*We do ask that the owners list Island Park Reservations on your internet and satellite TV accounts. So, if an issue arises we will be able to take care of the problem without having to bother our owners. Island Park Reservations will not interfere with the specifics of an owners satellite or internet account.



OWNERS NAME(S):________________________________________

MAILING ADDRESS:_______________________________________

CITY:________________ .      STATE:______________

ZIP CODE:_________

PRIMARY PHONE #:________________________

SECONDARY PHONE #:_____________________

EMAIL ADDRESS:___________________________________

Who do we print the checks out to? 1099’s to business or personal?

We need a SS # or EIN #


ENTITY NAME:_________________________________________________


*With our new software system we are able to direct deposit into your bank account. You will get a setup email at the time your first payment is initiated from in your email. You will then setup up your payment information. (this only has to be done once)



DATED: _____/________/_________



Island Park Reservations
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P.O. Box 256
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Island Park Reservations 208-558-9675

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