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Property Management

Why Choose Us?

Island Park Reservations specializes in managing privately owned cabins-homes, lodges and resorts. We are hands on and live right in Island Park and have done so for over 14 years. We are a professional management company that can handle all aspects of your rental property needs. Unlike some management companies that do not know first hand about the smaller details of their properties mostly because they are not located where the property is. We know all the details and every aspect of the properties we manage.

We do so with the ability to meet repairs, maintenance, cleaning services, construction, compliance and additional needs in a timely and efficient manner that is unmatched by our competitors.

Our business is built on the concept of providing comfortable lodging to those who want to feel the comforts of home while away on vacation. With over a decade of experience in the nightly rental business, we consistently work to provide top quality properties at affordable rates. A large percentage of our guests who visit the area and stay with us become repeat customers because they had a great time and have said the accommodations and beautiful landscape were exceptional.

We are very persistent and diligent when it comes to customer service and makes us stand out from other rental agencies. We are open around the clock, 24/7 and is pertinent to operate this type of business effectively. The cyber world is getting more popular everyday but there are still a lot of skeptical people (with good reason) who would rather talk to a real person to answer questions or to get booked into one of properties. And knowing there is someone on the other end of the phone can be reassuring. Talking to people in person or on the phone is one of our specialties, We Love It!

Potential clients don’t need to have our brochure or phone number in front of them to find us. Our user friendly website has good positioning at the top of most search engines and generates thousands of hits per month. This is also how you most likely found us. 90% of our reservations generated over years past is from people surfing the internet. We get a lot of potential clients wanting to book lodging, sport rentals and other activities in and around Island Park area. Of course the #1 reason is visitors wanting to see and tour around Yellowstone National Park.

Good news! Over the last decade, with lots of advertising and community support, chamber of commerce-creating activities to drawn people to the area, Island Park has been discovered. Its not just a pass through anymore to get to Yellowstone, it’s a destination.

Our guest rental agreement is several pages long and is sent out to every guest when they get booked in. The agreement has a lot of information on it that they need to know about and rules they need to adhere to when staying at our rental cabins. We have had a few comments from guests about us needing the name of their unborn child too, but we feel more information is better than not enough. We try to cover important information from a liability stand point for our business, our cabin owners and our guests.

A nice convenience for our guests is we have key boxes at all our rentals so guests can get in the cabins whatever time they arrive to the area after the designated check in time-4 pm. Our guests are instructed to leave the key in the box at all times and to tell everyone in their group what the combination is so if someone wants to come back to the cabin early it is not a problem to get in. Also it’s so nice not having our keys floating around Yellowstone and getting lost. Key boxes gives a sense of security for us, but most importantly for our cabin owners.

The key box combination is changed after each guest for security reasons. The key boxes work out great for all parties concerned and guests love not having to go to an office to get a key that could be at least 40 minutes out of our guests way before they can even get into the cabin. Positive reviews on this one thing from our guests make staying at our cabins more convenient and guests love this about our company.

Whenever possible, we like to take our guests to their cabins when they arrive into the area. Some guests prefer going to the property on their own and others that have never been here before like our help to get to their cabin in a timely manner and love this service we offer. When weather turns cold we make sure the heat is turned up and we turn a few lights on so when guests arrive late to the area they can see what they are doing to enter the cabin and are toasty warm.

Guests are required to purchase damage insurance at the time they get booked into one of our cabins. The damage insurance will cover up to $3,000 of any accidental damage at any of our properties. The cabin is cleaned and inspected after the guests depart. We just want to reassure you that we rarely ever have damage done by guests that stay in our rental cabins.

Our main goal is getting our owners bookings to generate as much income for you as possible. The more cash flow we make for you the more our business makes. Win-Win. We take care of your cabin(s) for you so while you’re away you can rest assured that your place will be taken care of.

If you are searching for the right company to manage your properties, search no more, you have found us. Our services and marketing are second to none. References are available upon request.