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Brand New Cabin / Inventory List

This list is for brand New Rentals that have to buy all new inventory to get started renting. If you have an existing cabin we can use what you already have in place and as things need to be replaced over time we can switch out to the preferred items below.

Welcome sign and mat for guests entering the cabin. First impressions mean a lot!

Purchase or make a nice Guest Book.

To get more bookings….When buying or replacing beds try to stick with queen beds whenever possible. Double beds are not preferred with guests at all, bunk beds are ok when queens will not fit in the area and you need to sleep more people but are a real pain to make up, especially for our older cleaning staff.

Decent mattress pads for each bed and Zippered pillow protectors for all your pillows is a major requirement for hotels and nightly rentals. Nice pillows (not old flat ones). Comforter, preferably woodsy prints or neutral colors, and 1 or 2 blankets per bed. Preferably marked with your cabin name in case they end up at our laundry facility. If you have linens and towels you will need to make sure they are locked up or removed so guests do not have access to them .

Try to stay away from fluffy throw rugs if possible. When they get dirty and have back to back cleanings there is not enough time to wash and dry them. Rubber back kitchen type rugs work best. Keep it simple…..

Bathrooms – Small garbage can, toilet brush and plunger in each bathroom.  Two cases of paper towels and two-cases of toilet paper, pump soaps for sinks (also large refill bottle).

Kitchen – dish soap, dishwasher soap, 2-3 buckets laundry soap. Windex plus 1 refill,  pump soft soap and large refill, scotch bright sink sponges, kitchen garbage bags, small trash can garbage bags. Trivets for setting hot pans on counter.

Replacement light bulbs for every type of light fixture through out inside and outside of cabin.

Matching plates, cups, bowls, small plastic cups for kids & a small highchair.

Wine glasses, coffee mugs, salt & pepper shakers, basic spices, silverware about 3-4 per guest of each, paper towel holder, several spatulas, potato peelers, two heavy duty can openers, cork screw, stirring & serving spoons plastic or wood or both, ladles for soups, serving tongs-spoons-forks-, butcher block with good knives-preferable plastic handles for dishwasher use, several cutting boards (PLASTIC DISHWASHER SAFE PREFERRED) this way guests can help take part in preparing meals. Measuring cups/spoons, mixing bowls, heavy duty pots and pans, 2-med to extra large stock pots for soups etc. cake pans, muffin tins, heavy duty cookie sheets, 2- pitchers, ice cube trays, crock pot, griddle, mixer, blender, toaster, coffee pot, tea pot, kitchen garbage can.

Contact us about setting up garbage service and pricing options.

Lamps for each bedroom and or loft for guests to be able to read and work on computers. Hangers for all closets.

Vacuum (prefer a good and lightweight vacuum, Sharks are a good brand) because it is light weight and easier to haul up and down the stairs. (the one that has a stair rotating attachment is so nice for the stairs that have carpet. One vacuum for each level would be ideal but not mandatory. The bag-less also eliminates the expense of having to buy replacement bags all the time.

Flip mop and replacement pads, dust pan and broom, small duster for cob webs also one that can extend out for high to reach places.

Radio or home C.D. Player for music when guests do not want to watch t.v. (do not buy anything expensive. Dvd players for t.v‘s.

Iron and Ironing board.

A closet or area in the cabin for keeping additional supplies for cabin that guests will not have access to. Dead bolt lock preferred for this closet.

Hot Tub, Satellite TV and High Speed or Wireless Internet access will help rent your cabin.

Gas grill (with removable tray to keep clean) with propane for deck, grill brush-spatula and fork-grill brush for BBQ. Heavy duty snow shovel (metal will put marks in wood) and salt for decks and stairs in winter. Lawn furniture and or picnic table for decks in summer. Fans or air conditioning for summer use.

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SNOW REMOVAL BUSINESSES/Depends on which subdivision your cabin is in. Call us for names. 208-558-9675