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Yellowstone IMAX Theater

“You haven’t experienced Yellowstone until you’ve been to the
Yellowstone IMAX Theatre.”


Located at the west entrance of the Yellowstone National Park, the Yellowstone Imax Theatre is a “must see” on your travel itinerary.

Far more than just a theatre, the Yellowstone IMAX Theatre offers a rare educational opportunity. Through the stunning IMAX film “Yellowstone” as well as displays located in the lobby, visitors can see the true yellowstone as it is today and as it was a hundred and 100,000 years ago.

The IMAX film format, used to create the spectacular saga Yellowstone, lets you explore the reaches of our nation’s first park with startling realism. State-of-the-art film technology creates an image of unsurpassed clarity and realism using 70mm film in a Rolling Loop that runs horizontally through the massive projection system. Each frame has an area three times that of a conventional 70mm frame and ten times that of 35mm. Learn about Yellowstone’s fascinating history and geological wonders at the Yellowstone IMAX Theatre.

Ticket Pricing

Adult $9.75
Senior $7.00
Kids $9.25

Showtimes Schedule

2:00 pm Yellowstone
3:00 pm Journey into
Amazing Caves
4:00 pm Yellowstone
5:00 pm Lewis & Clark
6:00 pm Yellowstone
7:00 pm Journey into
Amazing Caves
8:00 pm Yellowstone

When buying Imax tickets you will see your purchase included with your cabin rental confirmation.

You will need to print out (2) two copies of your agreement so you can give one to the ticket counter to get in to see the movie. Its that easy!!…..Questions? Call us at 208-558-9675

Yellowstone Trading Post Gift Shop

The Yellowstone IMAX Theatre is also home to one of West Yellowstone’s best gift shops – The Yellowstone Trading Post! In addition to all the theater’s movies and soundtracks on DVD and CD, we offer many unique gifts and keepsakes from T-shirts to fine art sculptures and gourmet foods.