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Playmill Theater

The Playmill Theatre began as a dream of people who knew what good theatre can do for people’s lives and we are proud to continue on with that dream. As we begin each summer we carefully (and yes even prayer- fully) consider what shows we want to share with our amazing and loyal audiences. We know that we hold a sacred trust of sorts to provide the 35,000 people who walk in our doors a fun night that will provide beautiful memories for years to come. We don’t take that responsibility lightly. We know that you could spend your time doing a lot of other things and we are grateful that you choose to spend it with us.

About Us:

In a world full of uncertainty and negativity we want you to be able to spend a few hours in a happy and hopeful place. A place where you can believe that Mary Poppins does fly, it can rain indoors, have some fudge and/or popcorn, and forget your cares for awhile.

We also strive to help you learn something about yourself, your family, or how wonderful life really is! This place has helped shape the lives of the thousands of people that have shared this experience, whether an audience member, actor, or staff member, we all leave better than when we came.

When we became owners of The Playmill one of the first things we did was to create a mission statement so that we could always have the vision of what we all can accomplish when we come together in such a positive setting and that includes you. So from us to you…



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(406) 646-7757

29 Madison Avenue

West Yellowstone, MT