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Yellowstone Playhouse


Drew & Julie Durrant, owned and operated Mack’s Inn Playhouse from May 2008 until September 2012. With the
Durrant’s at the helm Mack’s Inn Playhouse became a destination for family friendly musicals spoofs for the Greater Yellowstone Area. They would perform 70 shows each summer and squeeze them all in between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

In the summer or 2012, long time friends and patrons, Rob and Sherri Dias, approached the Durrants about working with the students at Diamond Ranch Academy and opening a new dinner theater in Southern Utah.

Rattlin’ D Playhouse was born.

In 2015, the playhouse at Mack’s Inn once again became available and the temptation to return was too great and so with a little good ole fashioned fandanglin’ Drew and his crew started performing in Island Park again in 2015.

In the summer of 2017, a 5 acre parcel was purchased right off Highway 20 at the north end of Island Park. Located just 10 minutes from the West Gate of Yellowstone National Park, the brand new 10,000 square foot dinner theater over looked Henry’s Lake and it positioned to offer families a great meal and big laughs for a very long time. With the new building came a new name “Yellowstone Playhouse”.

The Rattlin’ D Playhouse now has two great locations; the winter time home in Hurricane, Utah and the summer place in Island Park, Idaho.

“We look forward to entertaining you!”




Yellowstone Playhouse
5163 North, US-20, Island Park, ID   (208) 558-7529