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Pet Friendly

Pet Friendly Cabins in Island Park

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Being a vacation rental business we always get the question, “Do you have pet friendly cabins?” The answer is yes we do. So to help you find the perfect place for you and your furry friends we came up with a list! Shotgun Cabin Sleeps 10 and it has a hot tub! Park Ranger Cabin Sleeps 5 and is located on Henry’s Lake. Only 15 minutes to the West Entrance of the park. Moose Creek Lodge Sleeps 10 and is tucked away on a quiet wooded lot. Elk Meadows Sleeps

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10 Things To Do in & Around Island Park in the Winter

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Sometimes it seems as thought there is nothing to do in Island Park, well we’ve come up with 10 things you can do in Island Park in the winter! Crazy right?! Maybe this will help you to plan your next vacation up here to enjoy the snow! 1. Go Snowmobiling We are now partnered with Stoney Ridge snowmobile rentals to bring snowmobiles right to your cabin. NO hassle of going to get them from the rental store. You can call us to book your sleds, but if you want to

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